Bah-Jiggity [ba-j-i-git-E] : adjective, -er, -est, adverb, noun, verb


  1. Cool, awesome, radical. I love your shoes. They are so Bah-Jiggity
  2. To describe someone... in a good way or a bad way. That bartender is totally Bah-Jiggity OR My boss is acting so fu@king Bah-Jiggity

Are you wondering who is responsible for all the Bah-Jiggity creations in front of your very eyes??

Wingspan Pictures

WingSpan Pictures is the brainchid of Rachel Diana and Kim Rocco Shields, who teamed up to bring their love of comedy to the screen for the music video UGGZ.

After an amazing response from their supportive friends and family (their moms) the duo decided to embark on a few more crazy adventures for the screen.

??!!? Who knows what will stop them and what it will take to put an end to there crazy antics for the sake of all mankind??!?

WingSpan Pictures is NOT JUST a laughing matter.... to find out more visit us at: